It has been a while since we wrote our last blog about the progress of our project: create a unique watch under our own DR.W. brand. A lot of development has happened on the drawing table. In the meantime it might also be nice to mention we got a new DR.W. in our DR.W.-family. Our founder David got married with Januska, who is a doctor, on 7-7-17. Since she overtook David’s last name starting with a W, she became a real “Dr. W.” by saying ‘yes’ on this beautiful day (the first DR.W. from the title of this blog). What are the developments of our project?

Our technical designer Jan has been working on our design in several iterations. Since we are creating something unique, we have faced several unforeseen challenges. This has made the designing process somewhat longer than anticipated, however we are very happy with and proud of the result! Jan has put our idea on paper and created something very special, we hope and believe. A very big shout out to Jan who has put a huge amount of effort to work out our idea in great detail (the second DR.W. from the title of this blog)!

On the 5th of September we had our package of drawings ready to send to our shortlisted suppliers for a request for quotation (RFQ). Currently those suppliers are working on a quote. Ideally, we will receive some quotes shortly that match our calculations and expectations. Once received and agreed upon, the following very exciting phase is about to start: prototyping.

We have selected two designs that we want to offer on Kickstarter: one with a light clock face and one with a dark clock face. For our first round of prototyping we have chosen to start with the dark clock face that is grey/black. We are currently working on 3D-drawings to put on our website to give a first idea of what our watches are going to look like. If you’ll meet us around, don’t hesitate to ask because we are always able to show you some drawings of the clock face.

Originally our plan was to have our Kickstarter campaign in November-December 2017. Since the development process has taken somewhat longer than anticipated, our campaign probably will go live in March-April 2018. That means a little more patience but also a bit longer to save up money :-). We want to create something unique and awesome of excellent quality and we won’t make any concessions in that because of time. In the period to come we can hopefully share a lot of progress and also slowly reveal more and more of our watch. We are very much looking forward to the journey and we hope you’ll be part of it!

Time is ticking…

David & Reinder

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