A wedding; a beautiful day where everyone dresses up beautifully to celebrate love. Traditionally, parties and especially weddings were occasions where time didn’t matter. Therefore, the etiquette prescribed it was not OK to wear watch around your wrist. If you still wanted to know or carry the time with you, you would wear a pocket watch. In modern times we are less strict about this. Although, we believe it is a very nice and original twist to complete your suit or maybe even your classic three-piece suit with a pocket watch. Therefore, we -DR.W.- came up with a modern looking pocket watch. But it is more than just that…

Should I buy a pocket watch for just a few special occasions? The simple answer is ‘no’, you don’t have to (but you may of course), that is where DR.W. comes in. Our watch can be easily adapted from a wristwatch to a pocket watch -and reverse- by just a twist and a click. So in your daily life you could wear it as a wristwatch -or a pocket watch as you prefer- and simply change the configuration in few seconds whenever you feel like. For a party, for a warm and sweaty day, for a classic occasion, to be original, to be casual, whatever you feel like your DR.W. simply completes your outfit. 

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