Thanks for dropping by our DR.W. website and blog. Since last summer we have been very busy during our spare time working on our own company and DR.W. brand, a very educational but mostly really fun and exciting process! We would like to share our challenges, fears, tears and hopefully lots of glorious moments about the process from idea to prototype and prototype to products with you in our blogs, which we will post monthly.

Early 2016 the idea came to live inspired by a problem that Reinder’s brother had and still has. The idea for a watch with a unique feature was born. I guess you would like to know this unique feature? Well, you will have to be a little patient then because we can’t share this with you yet. But we will of course, so if you want to be among the first to know, then please follow our Facebook, Instagram and website. So there was an idea but what’s next?

Both David and Reinder have lots of experience with watches, that is with a watch around their wrists, apart from that none whatsoever. Luckily, we are living in a time where Google can tell you something about everything. So we started with searching articles about designing and producing watches, choosing the right legal structure for our company, importing products, choosing the right web domain, choosing a bank, and lots of other things. You’ve got it by now, there are so many things that you encounter that you’ve never really thought about before. All the time you have to choose between taking a risk or reducing a risk, of course at a certain cost. Basically all knowledge is for sale at a price so you are constantly asking yourself: What should we do our selves and where should we ask for help?

Fortunately, there are lots of people and authorities that can help you. The Chamber of Commerce and Tax Authority can help you with many questions about the legal structure of your company, production processes abroad, import and export, insurances etc. etc. What helps us even more, are our awesome families and friends with so many useful tips, feedback and contacts. Also our broader network of people we know (sometimes via via) are very helpful. For almost all problems we have encountered so far we have found practical and useful solutions through these formal and informal networks. The nice part about these networks is also that they are often willing to help you voluntarily.

January 2nd our company DR.W. brand was officially established at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Currently, we are finishing our business plan. This plan helps us a lot in covering all relevant topics for our business. You can think about a broad range of topics, from marketing to distribution and from finance tot legal matters. Besides that, we are finishing the designs and specifications of our DR.W. watches. We want to start with two different looking movements. The entire process keeps us busy basically every spare hour and we have the ambition and drive to make DR.W. a success! The coming month we expect to complete the business plan and designs so that we can continue with the following very important milestone: Finding a few eligible and skilled producers that can produce prototypes of our designs.

Curious about how we will do this? Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our website. You can also enrol for our monthly DR.W. newsletter on our website. Sharing is of course very much appreciated as well as any tips, tricks or feedback you have for us.

Time is ticking…

David & Reinder

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