About one week ago we celebrated the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. After more than one and a half year of preparations we were ready to launch our DR.W. watch on Kickstarter. Together with friends and family we celebrated this special milestone. This was also a great opportunity to thank everyone for their support and a few persons in particular that have meant a lot in the process:

  • Jan: made all the technical drawings and made our idea ‘real’
  • Roana: website, social media, marketing, communication, we have no idea where would we be without her skills and help (maybe we would still be figuring out the website ;-)?)
  • Barry: helped creating a great script for our Kickstarter movie
  • Maurice: the first ‘face’ of DR.W. who played an important role in the Kickstarter movie
  • Marcel – Messcherp Marketing: helped developing our online marketing strategy
  • Janna: helped developing ideas and made prototypes for our packaging

At 15:00 we were ready to push the button to launch our campaign. In the first hour thereafter, it went fast as we already reached 50% of our funding goal. Within 17 hours we reached our €20,000 target and were fully funded! Our dream came true! That meant more than 80 DR.W. watches sold in such a short period of time! We are very grateful to all the people that helped making this possible by buying a watch, sharing our story or support us in whatever way.

Our campaign will last for a little over a month more. Our next goal is to reach our first stretch goal at €30.000. At the moment of writing we are already very close. When reaching €30.000, everyone that bought a watch of ours will get a nice felt pouch the keep the watch(parts) safe. You can of course contribute on Kickstarter;-). 

All in all, we are very grateful for the successful start of our crowdfunding campaign and the good news is that we will be able to start producing our watches! We also realize this is only the beginning. We are looking forward!

Time is ticking…
David & Reinder

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