A few notable updates this month. Together with our technical designer, Jan, we have done -probably- the last revision of our designs before sending them to potential suppliers. We are very excited about the mechanics and curious if the suppliers we are currently in touch with are able to produce our desired DR.W. watch. We will find out in the month(s) to come.

Another important part of the watch will be the strap. We have been in touch with some Italian strap producers among which there are certainly interesting suppliers with beautiful products. We are currently shortlisting some different types of straps and will ask your input to make a selection from which we will order samples. All in all, this looks promising.

When it comes to the packaging we aren’t satisfied with the price/quality ratio of quotes that we have received so far. We have looked into luxurious carton but are currently also considering other materials, for example wood. If you have any tips, suggestions or opinions about packaging and what you would like the package to look like, please let us know!

Next to the updates above, we have also been thinking about the extend people are able to find us on the internet. As you will know by now our DR.W. watches will initially be sold via Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform, secondly this can be done via our website. However, it is fair to assume that there will also be people within our network or other potential customers that will look for our website first (before they enter our Kickstarter page). Of course it is not a problem to link our DR.W. website with our Kickstarter page to direct potential customers.

However, in order to be able to direct them it is of instrumental importance that people that are looking for our products are able to find our website. And since the vast majority of people use Google (or Facebook) to find information on the internet it’s exactly there where people need to be able to find us. So if we know how people will try to find us via Google, we can tailor our website in such a way that this will be made more effective. This is very important, also because our website (drw brand) does not exactly equal our brand name (DR.W.). And that is where your input is highly appreciated! Because what we need to know from you is how you would try to find us via Google. Is that by looking for “DR.W. watch” or “drw watch”? Or will you relate this to our hometown Amsterdam (“DR.W. Amsterdam”)? Maybe just plain “DR.W.”, “drw” or “dr w”? Also in case you would use a totally different search phrase please let us know! The last thing we want is that we have managed to gain the interest of potential customers but that these customers cannot find us (and our products) due to a lack of website visibility!

Thank you for leaving your feedback!

Time is ticking…

David & Reinder

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