We get a lot of questions on when you are able to buy a DR.W. watch. The whole process entails quite of lot of things you might not have thought about before, which you can also read in our first and second blog. Our final goal of the whole start-up phase, which we will hopefully reach this year, is to start a Kickstarter campaign to pre-sell our DR.W. watches. We have this Kickstart campaign scheduled for November of this year. Towards this November deadline the following topics ask our attention in order to make this a success:

• Product: The watch
Obviously, we have designed something special for you which we are not going to sell to you before we are 200% satisfied with the prototypes that will serve as an example of the whole production batch. This might -and probably will- take several rounds of prototyping and adjusting.

• Production: Working our way through the jungle of suppliers
For a high-quality product, we need a high-quality producer. In the jungle of producers, it might be difficult to find one. This is also a topic that we decided to invest some money in since it can make or break our entire project. We will share our adventure on this topic with you later on.

• Promotion: We need all channels and you!
To be able to produce we will probably have to sell about 150-200 DR.W. watches in a limited period of time on Kickstarter. We will have to do everything to make you all very enthusiastic about our product so that you will spread the word as well. To get a follower base and involvement takes time, creativity and effort. More importantly it needs a story, our DR.W. watches have a story (yes, they have a feature ánd a story) which will we tell you soon.

• Place: Kickstarter
Our goal is to start a Kickstarter campaign to sell our DR.W. watches. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where you can start a campaign of a limited amount of time to pre-sell your product to the crowd. How this exactly works we will post soon.

• Price: A competitive price for our early backers
On Kickstarter we will offer you a price that will be significantly lower than our retail price afterwards. In this way, we can thank our early backers for their interest and faith in our project and their patience to wait till their product is finished. As written above, we will soon post an article with all ins and outs about this process.

These are briefly the main topics that we will address until our Kickstarter campaign. Are you missing anything or do you have anything you would like to ask or advise us. Please let us know.

Time is ticking…

David & Reinder

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