A little update from our side. The DR.W. watch got a face, we have finalized the design last month. However, the design of the watch case is a very complex process. Our unique feature complicates this, making it a time-consuming business. A teammate of Reinder, specialized in tiny steel constructions, is helping with this technical designing and making everything work (shout out to Jan!). This might take a little more time than we first expected, however it is crucial for the success of the DR.W. watch. We want top quality watches so we won’t make any concessions even if that might slow down the process a little bit.

In the meantime, we have been busy with a lot of other things. One of the things that currently consumes a lot of our time is all the regulations that you should adhere to. It might seem pretty straightforward to design a watch and getting it produced but there are rules around every piece of material that we will ship to –hopefully- you; the customer. That means all the watch parts, labelling, packaging, etc. There are regulations applicable in Europe and in the U.S. Since we intend to sell DR.W. watches to both markets via Kickstarter and the DR.W. website, we should comply with regulation from both regions.

Another thing that has taken quite some time is making a shortlist of suppliers. We made up a shortlist and once we are satisfied with the technical drawings and the first 3D-printed prototypes we are ready to contact those suppliers. We are also planning on visiting those suppliers since a good supplier is key to the success of a DR.W. watch. Initially we hoped that we could to this in May, however since the product development will take some more time than we expected we will probably do this a bit later in June, July or early August. By carefully revising the drawings and 3D-printing we hope to win back some of the ‘lost’ time by using less rounds of prototyping at the producer. Little disappointment is that we hoped to get our first wearable prototype ready before the wedding of David and Januska on the 7th of July which we probably won’t manage (risking that Januska will say ‘no’ ;-)).

Lastly, we would like to share a bit about an inspirational trip to Dokkum where we visited Van der Gang Watches. Van der Gang is a luxury watch brand designing and producing (in-house) watches that cost a few months’ salary for most people (no worries! This will not be the case for a DR.W. watch!). Here we got a tour through their production facility and got acquainted with their story. Beautiful watches with a great story behind them. It also gave us some insight in the whole process of making a watch, from design to assembly and also confirmed that we’re on the right track.

Time is ticking…

David & Reinder

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