Last time we wrote about the rollercoaster which a project like ours is. The last weeks have been extremely busy but an equally exciting ride! Let’s start with the core of what we do: our DR.W. watch. After sending our drawings to producers and some questions and explanations back and forth we have signed the paperwork for producing prototypes. Our special feature has proven to be a complex challenge, but we are confident that our partners will be able to make the watch as we have in mind. A big milestone and we can’t wait to see the result. Around New Year the prototypes will be finished. We are planning to go and pick them up and meet the producers as well as seeing their production facility. After more than a year of intensive preparations, we can’t wait for this moment! So when are we going to announce our unique feature? Well, if the prototypes are looking good and functioning well and we only need to request some small alterations, we think the time is right to announce what makes our watches unique.

Getting closer to this moment we have been thinking about how we can start attracting more people towards our website and social media pages. Therefore we made 3D-drawings of our watch designs. Chances are quite big you have seen them already but if not, take a look at our watch page. What is really important for us now, is to start build a fan base of people that would like to order our watch once our Kickstarter campaign is out. So if you like our watches and are interested it would be really cool if you sign up for our early bird list for Kickstarter which you can find in the bar in the top of our page or on our watch page. Also spreading the word (and page with pictures) is highly appreciated! We owe a very big thank you to Roana for helping us getting our website ready for presenting our drawings!

Prototypes for the straps and packaging are also looking promising. We will also continue working on these items to make sure everything is ready when our watch is! We would also like to ask your help again. Since we are making a lot of progress and it will be about two months till we will hold our first real DR.W. watch, we are starting to enter a new phase of showcasing our product. We were wondering if someone of you is or knows a talented (hobby) photographer that knows how to do product photography. If this is the case, we would like to get in touch with you!

Time is ticking…

David & Reinder


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