Currently we are in quite a rollercoaster with developments. A period with a lot of uncertainty, explaining and also where things are getting tangible.

To start with the clock, the most important part of our DR.W. watch. We have delivered all drawings and several rounds of additional drawings to explain our idea to our shortlisted producers. It is complex so this requires a lot of communication, but we are getting soon to the point where we can give a go for developing the first prototypes. This is clearly the most important but also the most complex and uncertain part of the whole journey.

For the straps, we have ordered some different samples among which we think we’ll find the ones that we have in mind. We’ll show you once we have received the samples so we can hear your opinion about which straps should be the final ones.

We have decided to investigate the possibility of delivering our DR.W. watches in a leather case. In this way, you will have a nice place to keep your watch and the different straps when you’re not using them. A good friend of ours is currently creating prototypes of this case, thank you so much Janna for helping us!

Simultaneously, we are also preparing our whole Kickstarter campaign, including the period before the campaign. We also want to start a DR.W. video channel to add to our media channels to show our product and its special feature once it’s there. Based on input from our friends and family we have created a ‘first 24 hours list’ to inform people when our Kickstarter is (soon) going live. People on this list will receive a notification ahead of the launch on Kickstarter and the idea is that if these people order a watch within the first 24 hours we will get in the “top lists” of Kickstarter which will boost our campaign. In return, we will make sure these people get rewarded for their early support. We are continuously expanding this list with friends, family, acquaintances and other people that have shown interest in our DR.W. watch. You would help us a lot by helping to expand this list, so please let us know via email or Facebook when we can put you on this list or when you know anybody we can put on this list!

A lot of things happening with the most uncertain and exciting part being probably the clock. We’ll do everything that we can bring good news on this topic next update!

Time is ticking…

David & Reinder

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