Giving back

With our DR.W. watches we want to give something back to society. Every DR.W. model that we will produce will have its own name. This name is not ‘just a name’. It will be a name related to a person that suffers from (or a charity that fights) a particular disease or disorder. By giving the watch that particular name we pursue two main goals:

  • Raise awareness for the particular disease or disorder and the charity fighting this disease or disorder,
  • Contribute financially to a charity linked to the disease or disorder.

So with the (future) purchase of your DR.W. watch we will be jointly supporting those in need.

Our first model – the story of Jurre (Epidermolysis Bullosa)

Jurre was born on the 6th of July 2016 as the child of Reinder’s brother and sister in law. Jurre was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a severe skin disorder that made Jurre a so called ‘butterfly child’, a child with a disorder that made his skin extremely vulnerable. Jurre had no chance due to the type of this disorder he was born with. He died on 11th of September 2016 due to the complication and effects of this disease. However, other children do have a chance to live with this disorder. They need a lot of treatment and care which is costly. And with current medical developments, we are confident this disorder might be treated successfully in the future.

For the DR.W. watch dedicated to Jurre we will help by (financially) supporting ‘Stichting Vlinderkind’ (the Dutch Butterfly Child Foundation). Of course, you can also donate directly via their website.

Warning: video contains content that may be considered severe