Back in the days everyone was using a pocket watch. It was only after the first World War that the wristwatch became popular. Both watches have their unique style and characteristics and DR.W. believes that you should be able to adapt your watch to your specific need or occasion.

Although wearing a pocket watch is less common today there are very valid reasons why to have one:

  1. Your job asks for a pocket watch– the initial idea why we established DR.W.. Medics are not allowed to wear wristwatches and by developing an adaptable pocket- and wristwatch they are able to wear a pocket timepiece at work and switch afterwards. Of course there are many other jobs you can think of where this will apply as well 
  2. Special occasions– a beautiful day where everyone dresses up beautifully to celebrate love. Of course weddings (or any other party) are the perfect occasion to showcase your pocket watch. Did you know the etiquette prescribed it was not allowed to wear watches during weddings (as time didn’t matter)? If you still would like to carry the time with you one would wear a pocket watch in stead
  3. Because it suits your outfit– we all know the style that comes with the 20s. Isn’t it pretty awesome to wear a pantalon with a pocket watch? Or maybe even a waistcoat completed with a pocket watch? Just a little ode to history
  4. Dare to be different– let’s be honest, you will be one of the few wearing such a historical timepiece. Probably triggering some curious looks..
  5. Hot sunny weather– hot weather and leather straps. A bit of sweat, maybe applying some sunscreen and after a while you strap looks a bit less beautiful. Why not use your pocket watch instead? 

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