With the 2018 behind us, we wanted to take a little snapshot and look back on what has happened over the past year for DR.W. And we can say quite a bit has happened. But most of all, we have been able to bring an idea into lives of people. How cool is that!

Please find below our highs and lows, both business and private related. Enjoy the read!

January: from paper to real, we got our prototypes!

We flew to Hong Kong and travelled to Shenzhen to pick up the first prototypes of the DR.W. watch. More than a year of preparations had past and finally the moment was there to see how the watch looked like and, more importantly, whether our special feature really worked. Hard to describe how proud we felt and how excited we were when we received those first prototypes from our supplier. The watch looked even better in real life and the click and twist mechanism to change from pocket watch to wrist watch worked like a charm. We were literally high-fiving in the taxi on the way back from the supplier. We couldn’t imagine a better start of the year!